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13 Healthy Steps

1) Reduce your carbohydrates (including starches like white potatoes, corn, white flour and baked goods) and eliminate sugar as much as you can.

2) Eat breakfast every day. Make sure it’s healthy and has some protein. Coffee and pastry does not count!

3) Eat well balanced meals in moderate portions.

4) Remove processed oils (vegetable oils) from your diet. Use healthy oils such as olive, coconut, real butter, and avocado.

5) Eat as organically and as minimally processed as possible.
Healthy foods include: grass-fed meat, full-fat dairy, whole eggs, real butter, organic produce, anything from the farmer's market.

Examples of processed foods: cereals, butter alternatives, low-fat dairy, crackers, things in boxes, bags and cans, breads, fast food, frozen dinners, egg-beaters and GMO foods.

6) Drink water. Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day. You can add lemon or lime to the water, or have herbal tea. NO artificial sweeteners or sodas.

7) Don't go too long without eating or skip meals.

8) Eat mindfully. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite.

9) Learn to cook and eat at home.

10) Make your exercise effective, efficient and consistent. Cardio intervals, weight training, yoga and Pilates are all great ways of getting and staying in shape.

11) Deal with stress and get some balance in life. Make sure you have enough down-time, don't watch the news too often, and learn how not to over-think.

12) Get proper sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene.

13) Be Grateful!


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