Colds & Flu
A Combination of Herbs and Acupuncture Prevents and Treats the Flu and Common Colds

Acupuncture and herbal supplements can be used to boost your immune system so that you can ward off colds and flu naturally. If you do get a cold, these combined therapies can help relieve the symptoms of stuffy nose, cough, headache, body aches, sore throat, and fever, as well as reduce the production of phlegm. These treatments will make you feel better more quickly than traditional cold therapies, and without side effects such as drowsiness or jitters that often accompany over-the-counter cold medicine.

One of the greatest contributions Chinese medicine offers is herbal prescriptions that directly attack the viral heat toxins which cause the common cold, influenza, and upper respiratory illnesses. Conventional treatments recommend, at best, bed rest and fluids, and at worst, antibiotics. Antibiotics, which treat bacterial infections, are ineffective against viral infections and negatively impact the body’s immune system by destroying the good bacteria necessary for proper digestion.

Because it is so important to begin taking these kinds of antiviral / antibacterial medicines as soon as the symptoms are noticed, it is a good idea to keep bottles of these kinds of remedies in your home medicine chest and in your desk at work.  The longer you allow a cold or flu to develop prior to treatment, the longer it will take to get over it, so stopping it as quickly as possible is key.

Why feel ill, lose time from work, or miss out on activities with your family? If you want to avoid the cold and flu season this year, or if you already have symptoms, call today! (208) 920-0312
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