Conditions Treated
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Recognize Acupuncture Therapy as a Treatment for:
Digestive Disorders
•abdominal pain

Emotional Disturbances


Gynecological Disorders
•menopausal symptoms
•premenstrual symptoms
•abdominal distension
•mood swings
•water retention
•sugar, salt or carbohydrate cravings
•night sweats
•lack of concentration
•weight gain
Musculoskeletal Pain
•back pain
•muscle cramps
•muscle pain or weakness
•neck pain

Neurological Disorders
•bladder dysfunction
•Parkinson’s disease
•postoperative pain

•common cold
•smoking cessation

•addiction control
•athletic performance
•blood pressure regulation
•chronic fatigue
•stress reduction
•immune system support
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