Herbs & Nutrition
Herbs & Nutrition as an Important Part of Your Treatment

Herbs, dietary changes, and supplements can be a powerful addition to an acupuncture treatment. They are used to strengthen, balance and support the body, or remove toxins that produce the symptoms of a cold, fever, acute pain or chronic condition. Part of your individual treatment plan may include herbs and supplements to balance and rebuild your internal strength, to maximize the benefits of acupuncture.

I have been trained in both Western & Chinese Herbology, as well as Chinese nutrition.  I use both Eastern and Western herbs in my practice, thereby prescribing the best herbs for your particular health concern.  The supplements that I prescribe are from Standard Process which are food, mineral or glandular-based and contain no synthetic ingredients.

Let me customize a healthy diet plan, herb and supplement program to enhance your well-being today.

Call me to schedule an appointment at (208) 920-0312.
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