Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Chinese Medicine Can Treat Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress & Anxiety
You may experience both healthy and unhealthy forms of stress. Healthy stress keeps us alert and motivated, and supports our body’s strength and vitality. Unhealthy stress can lead to negative thinking, overexertion, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and can trigger physical and mental problems if experienced over prolonged periods. Some symptoms of stress include:
•depressed immune system
•digestive disorders
•heart disease
•high blood pressure
•joint pain
•weight problems

One way unhealthy stress affects the body is by depleting or blocking Qi (oxygen) to the kidneys and adrenal glands, which gradually ages the body. Acupuncture supports and restores the integrity of the organs affected and depleted by stress responses, and calms the nervous system.  Acupuncture is a safe, effective and long-term solution for stress.

Seventeen million Americans are diagnosed with clinical depression each year, and two-thirds of these are women. Clinical depression can have devastating effects on your ability to maintain relationships at home and work. Chinese medicine has been treating depression successfully for more than 2,000 years with a combination of acupuncture, herbs and diet. Although the new anti-depressant drugs have brought some relief for the symptoms of depression, these drugs do not cure depression and many have unpleasant side effects. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed that acupuncture was at least as effective as drugs or psychotherapy in treating depression and reported no side effects.

Stress, anxiety and depression are treatable. Acupuncture, herbs and supplements are a safe, natural, drug-free way to address these issues.  Call to schedule an appointment today. (208) 920-0312
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