Elements of Health’s NAET Allergy Treatment Program came highly recommended to me, and now I know why.

Lori Lloyd carefully took my allergy-ridden-teenager through NAET’s de-sensitizing process. During this time, she was very gentle and attentive, and listened carefully to my son’s concerns. Over the course of a few months, my son’s breathing has gotten so much better! He is no longer continually stuffed up, even around our cat! This year we’re not even worried as hay-fever season approaches.

Lafayette, CO

Mine was a closet of 3 sizes. Skinny day sizes, bloated sizes and completely out of hand sizes... then there were the days of dashing to the bathroom and dealing with agonizing intestinal distress. I had been suffering with this for years, and had resigned myself to living in this fashion. When Lori told me she could help, I was skeptical but desperate. I had 2 acupuncture treatments and 2 rounds of Chinese herbs. I am ecstatic to report that although my closet has 3 sizes...my body is now only one size. After years of discomfort I am now comfortable and cured. Thank you Lori!

~ Chris

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I carry around 10-20 pounds of gear on my body for extended periods of time on a regular basis. Lori has helped me recover from long weekends of shooting, to acute injury, to relieving stress, to helping me sleep better at night. She has also helped me kick a cold quicker - so important as a small business owner. I can rest assure that I'm in the best hands possible, because of her degree in Chinese Medicine. I subscribe to the philosophy of preventing as much illness as possible and not masking symptoms, but actually treating them - her medical care fits this perfectly. I can't thank her enough!

Heather Lilly
wedding & portrait photographer
HL Concepts, LLC

I have been working with Lori Lloyd and Elements of Health for almost a year now. I have been utilizing acupuncture for various aspects of my personal health for many years, starting when I lived in Madrid, New Mexico. I have always had good results with everything from reproductive problems to pain management and sinus problems through this wonderful ancient modality. Acupuncture works for me and I recommend everyone try it for themselves.

As a Massage Therapist who believes in a holistic approach to dealing with ones health and well being, I can tell you that I find working with Lori on my personal health issues has been a delight. Not only is she knowledgeable and passionate about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine but her compassion and upbeat demeanor with the client is also very much part of the healing. I can tell you from personal experience that a person may be outstanding in their technical abilities to administer their modality of healing but if their attitude with the client is belittling, impersonal and less than genuine in their caring, the treatment will not be as profoundly effective.

I often refer my own clients who come to me suffering from long term and deeply entrenched chronic pain to Lori for "tag team" results. Massage and acupuncture can work wonders in tandem for deep seated muscle pain issues. And now I am referring those with all sorts of allergy problems (from food to animal hair and beyond!) to her as well to see if the NAET treatments that she gives will offer them relief. I know it has for me and I'm astounded by what can be cleared from the body through this treatment.

What really stands out for me about Lori is that she is so into her medicine that she is always digging deeper to find a solution to my health challenges and those of the  people I have sent to her.

If you are looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate practitioner to help you sort out your own health challenges, I highly recommend giving Lori Lloyd at Elements of Health a try.

Liz Giles. CMT
Longmont, Colorado

I met Lori when she engaged my company to build this web site. After 20 years as a paramedic, I had been suffering with chronic back pain and a nagging ankle injury. Lori's whole-body approach has not only lessened my pain, but has done wonders for my insomnia. I can’t tell what it’s like to go for months without a good night’s sleep. Just recently we have been working on several food sensitivities that developed out of the blue, and the NAET treatments have me eating all sorts of yummy foods that I have been avoiding for years!

Lori is a master!

Dina Carson

As a registered nurse and wellness coach, I regularly refer my clients to Lori Lloyd, as well as seek her counsel and treatments when it comes to my own personal health and wellbeing. I recommend Lori with complete confidence, knowing that a patient in her care will appreciate her gentle and empathetic approach. She is a remarkably skilled and gifted acupuncturist with deep expertise in Chinese medicine and complimentary healthcare. In addition to her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lori is well educated and experienced in other approaches to natural healthcare, and therefore brings a truly holistic and integrated approach to her practice. I personally receive regular and on-going acupuncture treatments from Lori and consider her an essential member of my own wellness team.

Erin Allgeier, RN
Momentum Wellness

“Lori is an incredible acupuncturist and has treated me for running-related knee pain, shoulder tension and general stress.  Her treatments have provided outstanding results.  I am pain free and feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.  Lori is a total professional and truly gifted in the science and art of acupuncture.” 

“My knee, shoulder and general stress acupuncture treatments from Lori have been amazing!  I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.  I am so relaxed during treatments and feel less stress and tension even days after my actual appointment.  I think Lori is an exceptionally gifted acupuncturist and I couldn’t be happier with her treatment plan.”

Heidi McBride

After suffering from depression for several years and not wanting to continue with traditional treatment plans I turned to Chinese Medicine as an alternative. Seeing Lori on a regular basis has helped me overcome my depression and has prevented any prolonged recurrences from happening.  Lori provides a nurturing environment to her patients and is always willing to listen and provide a smile, even with difficult matters.  I enjoy my appointments and look forward to them every week because during the treatment I am able to completely relax and am at ease.  I strongly believe that I would not be as healthy, both mentally and physically, if it were not for the wonderful care that Lori provides.  Her expertise in acupuncture and herbs as well as providing a nurturing environment is what sets her apart from other health providers.


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